Thursday, April 23, 2015

New chapter of my life...

New chapter of my life begin..
This date.. 23/4/2015.. it’s one of the turning points of my life..
I know this is the best for me..
So I won’t complaint much..
I can’t even complaint right..

It’s a beginning of a new chapter..
As prof suzanna said it’s d last chapter..
Won’t u finish it??
Whatever u want to become after this… it’s up to you..
Whatever.. not necessary to b a doctor..
U can become anything else..

Just end this chapter..
N all of u can start a new book..

This last chapter of my life..
I hope that it’s the last..
Definitely I don’t want to extend another year..
I’m not too young for that..

I really67556 hope that He give me strength..
His strength… coz I don’t have any right now..

It’s ironic…
Before this I would always pray that I would really really really need to pass this..

 But after d very234 bad long case I’m just hoping that
“ U know d best for me right… so give me whatever..”

It’s like…
I don’t know..
Like I know that I’m not ready for this..
To be a good doctor..

I think I won’t survive if I were being put alone with patient..
In sabah or srwk or anywhere else that there would not be enough doctor to monitor me..
That’s why I would choose to work at HKL..
Coz whatever mistake that I might do… I have a very4857 strong back up..
Haha… it’s a cruel thing to do xtually..
But I can’t help it… feeling this way..

But we would just see if I would be another me in this 6 months…
If I would be trusting myself..

If I would want me to treat me..

this is...
a new chapter of my life...