Tuesday, June 9, 2015

last chapter point two

one month have gone..
another month coming very very acute, sudden, abruptly..

after this one month I realize that i would never study enough..
d learning  process are so so so endless..

there r so many things to do..
so many things to cover..
it's like d time are never enough..

well.. i've always enjoy studying..
but i think i enjoy it best now..

listening to d same question again n again..
n it's like we know we have heard d answers before..
had been really understanding the concept..
but then..
"what is it again??? "


well i think i enjoy to much about the minor2 thingy thing..
and forget about thing that i should be focusing or memorizing or understand..

that's life..
if we r only focusing in our own dunya.. our own happiness.. our own feeling, satisfaction..
time, money, or whatever we have.... won't ever be enough for us..

ramadhan is approching..
well i'm glad that i'll enjoy my ramadhan here iA..
maybe i would only waste my ramadhan if i were to be at home now..
just maybe..
well... He knows best!!

from dato amin, i've learn that i'll never be perfect..
but i can be better.. with practice iA..
huhu... have always been hearing that, but it never hit me so much as this time..
since then, when i heard d word 'perfect' i would think of him.. think of this.. think of that moment..
how powerful some words are..
we don't know how much it would effect somebody.. at what moment...
power of murobbi right?
well.. he is one of my murobbi now.. <3
n of coz... it's all are words from Allah.. sent through anyone that He want..

it's lovely..
this life..
tq Allah for Ur gift..

i think that i've been bless with everything..
can't ever count them...

but i'm still so inadequate...
i should be much much much more better..
there r so many rooms for improvement..
n a really short life do we have...

really needs to stay focus n do what really means..
what will i do best now?
is it ok to do that?
would it be beneficial?

they said that all ur friend will leave u..
only ur family r there to support u..

well.. nobody are always there..
even our family..
everyone have their own life to worry about..

so just stick to anyone that u have at this moment..
be more durable.. not easily break..
more elastic.. can change easily..
never have any boundaries... widen ur teritory.... haha...

u will be fine..
coz there will always be someone when u need it,,
n of coz He would always be there...
n He's d best...
u just need to feel Him....
dear me... please stay strong k..
He loves u..
He loves u most!

salam.... 9/6/2015.. 8 days prior ramadhan iA...