Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I though that i'm ok...

may Allah bless all of us..
dunia n akhirat iA..

urm.. another 87days iA..
just about 2 month plus minus all the cuti, maen2, jalan2 days..

dr ckp xyah r cuti raya korban.. nnti korg yg t'korban.. haha..
sgt x lawak..

sgt mnakutkan nk lalui bnda yg sama skali lg..
i though that i'm ok.. just seminggu dua sedih, nangis2..
then i though that i'm ok...

the 1st 3 months went smoothly..
xder mimpi apa2 mlm2..
xder mslh nk tido..
ltk kpala kat bntl trus lelap..

msk bln keempat sumer bnda rasa x kena..
rasa nk nangis tp x ley nangis..
mlm2 mmpi mcm2..
pusing2 golek2 sejam baru bley tido... pikir mcm2..

don't know if the 1st 3 months is just denial stage..
n skrg baru msk acceptance stage..

am i'm ok??
i don't know myself..

it's ok not to be ok i guess...

at least i'm aware that i need to do something..
need to push myself harder..
this anxiety won't go away i guess..
just need to do my best...
n growing stronger day by days..

not much time left..
cannot bazirkan perca2 masa yg ada..

wish me luck.. coz i really need it right now..
coz i think i've used up all of my luck from 1st till 5th year..
lucky to be at this state right now..

owh Allah
make me catch up all of the things that i need
to be the best doctor iA..

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