Thursday, April 23, 2015

New chapter of my life...

New chapter of my life begin..
This date.. 23/4/2015.. it’s one of the turning points of my life..
I know this is the best for me..
So I won’t complaint much..
I can’t even complaint right..

It’s a beginning of a new chapter..
As prof suzanna said it’s d last chapter..
Won’t u finish it??
Whatever u want to become after this… it’s up to you..
Whatever.. not necessary to b a doctor..
U can become anything else..

Just end this chapter..
N all of u can start a new book..

This last chapter of my life..
I hope that it’s the last..
Definitely I don’t want to extend another year..
I’m not too young for that..

I really67556 hope that He give me strength..
His strength… coz I don’t have any right now..

It’s ironic…
Before this I would always pray that I would really really really need to pass this..

 But after d very234 bad long case I’m just hoping that
“ U know d best for me right… so give me whatever..”

It’s like…
I don’t know..
Like I know that I’m not ready for this..
To be a good doctor..

I think I won’t survive if I were being put alone with patient..
In sabah or srwk or anywhere else that there would not be enough doctor to monitor me..
That’s why I would choose to work at HKL..
Coz whatever mistake that I might do… I have a very4857 strong back up..
Haha… it’s a cruel thing to do xtually..
But I can’t help it… feeling this way..

But we would just see if I would be another me in this 6 months…
If I would be trusting myself..

If I would want me to treat me..

this is...
a new chapter of my life...


Anonymous said...

Andai kau putus asa di tengah jalan, ingatlah kisah nabi Muhammad, yang mana baginda bersama para sahabat bermusafir mengharungi jalan padang pasir untuk kembali ke Mekah menunaikan haji. Malangnya Allah tangguhkan haji mereka ke satu hari yang lain yang mana hari itu ialah Hari Pembukaan Mekah. Pada hari itu, Allah jadikan orang Mekah memeluk agama islam beramai-ramai. Itulah dia janji Allah buat mereka yang yakin dan meletakkan hatinya pada Allah. Itulah dia yang dipanggil Kemenangan yang Tertangguh. Semoga kau juga akan menerima kemenangan yang tertangguh kerana aku yakin pasti kemenangan jua akan menjadi milikmu.

Anonymous said...

You'll be fine, kak nur.
Allah knows the best.
Saja jalan2 sini because i keep wondering where have u been?
Stay strong. N i'll always pray for you, insyaAllah. :)

Nur said...

jzkk whoever u r.. <3 may Allah bless all of us iA..